Cabo Verde

Pictures of The Cape Verde Islands from my friend's recent trip there.. Jealous I couldn't make it to the land my great grandmother left in 1908 for the United States... one day...

FYI: Cape Verde (Cabo Verde) is 10 volcanic islands 500 miles off the west coast of Africa. Inhabitated by approximately 500 thousand beautiful souls.. we obtained our independece from Portugal on July 5,1975 (thankyajesus!)

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth
And Jehovah formed man from the dirt of the ground, and blew into
his nostrils the berath of life; and man became a living soul
brown is my skin
and it won't wash away
no matter how hard you scrub
open your eyes! unlock your mind!
I witnessed the conception of time
dark brown skin
darker than the warmest night
on the coast of Brava in Cabo Verde
serenading a ballad of soul
loudest you've ever heard!
this brown skin is the "fire" in Fogo
the "wild" in Brava
the "salt" in Sal
and the "good view" in Boa Vista
brown skin
reflecting my nine lives
nine moods
ten islands
separtated by the north Atlantic ocean
by our different shades of brown
brown skin!
brown as dirty ground
beneath your foot steps
dark as the dust that rises with each step
brown as it was
in the beginning of time
when GOD reached down his divine hand
and composed: MAN
(c) Hassan Souto 1997, 2009

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