Breaking Dawn

This angel of mine...

Was sent from heaven up above

To bring me the greatest gift – Love

Maybe I’m psychic or juss brilliant but I knew right away

That I’d wanna b witchu every day

Not caring wat anyone has to say

I no longer merely look into ur eyes

I see into ur soul and behold the sun rise

And I could never fuck you cuz I loved u

The moment u kissed my lips

I just kept it to myself in case u’d think im ridiculous

But look at us now!

I’ve got u & u’ve got me

So fuck the world

I’ll give u me freely

And every time we get it on

We break dawn

© Hassan Souto 2010
    photo by Iris Valentine


ok its true, i'm obsessed with you

everything about you sticks to me like superglue

the way u move, the way u walk, the way ur lips move

when you talk i could stare and forget the world is there

and don't get me started on that long sexy hair

we've shared so many twilights cuz u keep me up all nite

but just one kiss and u make all my wrongs right

i tried to fight but it was luv at first sight

i need you here, right next to me, so i can feel normal

cuz when we aren't together, my mind is cloudy like bad weather

wondering when i will see you again, wondering when we can be together

and i don't need much just ur touch

satiates me, this isn't like me

to be this ... easy

to please

so please, tell me

that you feel even a fraction the way i do.

© Hassan Souto 2010


First, Love

There's nothing like your 1st love
something every poet should write of
There's nothing that'll ever compare
to the very 1st time I ran my fingers thru your hair
So, let me reminisce...

I remember the first time I laid eyes on you
I wanted to lay my soul on you
while we gazed up at the blue
sky could be fallin' down but long as you were around
nothing mattered but ur gentle hand intwined with mine
time? no, just moments sublime...

I remember the day I sat in the back seat
and stared at u in the rearview
the entire ride
I glanced away when u looked back, I shied
because inside my emotions were at high tide
up until then I'd only felt lust and smug
and love? well,
let's just say it intoxicated me like a designer drug

U were my 1st love, like santos
U were sent from heaven above
thank heaven I wasn't deprived of
and I know I couldn't stop trynna dick u down
but I was young and that's how I expressd being sprung
but if push came to shove, I woulda settled for a bear hug
but there was nothing like layin' u down on the shag rug
givin that hair a tug and overfilling ur mug
with this hot cafe au lait
okay okay, I'm being naughty
but damn how I adored each time I explored your body
mind AND soul
with every moment more love would grow
and together we'd glow

U see, I will never forget my 1st love
u were experienced, I was naive
but you made a brother believe!
and that feeling will never leave
like Adam's love for his Eve

Like a fantasy romantics dream of
u never forget ur first love
the pieces fit like a suede glove
and til this very day

U r still someone I think of.

© Hassan Souto 2010


Dusted Off

Do not adjust your television set.

The film is black and white, and the quality is a bit grainy. It's instantly clear this is a clip from one of those TV variety shows from another time, the type that sadly declined along with the attention spans of millions who once made them a staple of prime-time viewing. A figure appears in the spotlight, casting a dramatic shadow.

"When I said...I needed you..."

To say she commands the stage is an understatement. The dramatic arm gestures- either reaching forward in desperation, or being defiantly thrown back with each declaration of despair- constantly threaten to upstage the voice, but never do. The song progresses toward a sweeping modulation. She clutches her chest as she pleads once again with her wayward lover, "you don't have to say you love me". And after taking the audience on one of the most harrowing emotional roller-coaster rides pop music has ever produced, she bows graciously. And the moment fades to black...

I have not mentioned the voice. It's unlike any I've heard before. It's a sturdy, reedy-type instrument, remarkably capable of being both heartily robust and tremendously fragile at the same time. Yet what she has revealed in this moment is only a glimpse of what that voice was actually capable of, the intensity of the joy and sorrow it so deftly could convey. This voice would cross genres, generations and musical tastes. It would change with time and tribulation, but it would ultimately never lose the intangible quality that makes it so mesmerizing in this brief, grainy, black and white moment.

Her name is Dusty Springfield.

It was her precise ear, and that unrelenting desire to produce great music that produced some of modern history’s greatest pop symphonies- and in a decade crowded with them. The opening bars of “I Only Want to Be With You”- her first hit and still one of her best loved- heralded not only the arrival of a new era, but of a voice that would storm through radios and across the landscape of the tumultuous 1960’s culture. Her first album, titled simply A Girl Called Dusty, succinctly heralded for audiences the force that had been unleashed. It also subtlety hinted at the complexities that simmered just below the surface. But a force in Pop Music was born, and for the first five years of her solo career, the titles jump out in such quick succession, it’s a mere mortal’s forgivable sin to overlook more than one or two. There were so many classics. Hits on both sides of the pond. And so many hidden treasures.

It’s the most horrible of ironies that during a period of true revelation of her strengths as an artist, her commercial fortunes would decline. Perhaps it was inevitable. The 1970’s were the decade of the singer/songwriter, where puffed-with-pride critics would dismiss the luminous adventures of a vocal interpreter as fluff. Utter nonsense in retrospect. It’s just a shame that critics chose to adjust their posturing decades later, and welcome deserving pieces of art as A Brand New Me and Cameo as the superior slices of mastery that they were. In their time, they were appallingly neglected.

Some may argue that she shortchanged herself as a person, being lost in (as the mesmerizing “Soft Core”, the closing track of White Heat puts it) a maze “of drugs and alibis”. Discussion of her activities and of her sexuality seems to permeate this period. Another injustice. It’s pointless to over-analyze, and simply wrong to judge. Perhaps it’s at this juncture where Mary O’Brien and Dusty Springfield, in the darkest of days, bumped into each other.

Fortunately, Dusty Springfield’s life and career were not to remain tied ominously to tragedy or failure. In the early months of 1988, radios around the world carried that unmistakable voice again. The Pet Shop Boys provided Dusty with what she so deserved, a vehicle to exhibit that voice to its best advantage. That moment remains crystallized in pop history:

“…Since you went away, I’ve been hanging around…I’ve been wondering why, I’m feeling down. You went away, it should make me feel better. But I don’t know…”

Dusty Springfield was back.

I wonder if Dusty was aware that she had been a prophet of the new female vocalist in popular music. That she became a revolutionary figure to so many men and women searching for their own sexual freedom. That the voice- that same sturdy, reedy-like instrument that blazed against some of the most magical music ever created, will continue to be heard, and studied, and appreciated…long after we have all completed our time in this world.

Maybe she would’ve been amused. Perhaps she wouldn’t have noticed.

After all, underneath all the physical detail, the makeup and hair, and behind that unforgettable voice, she was, after all, just a girl…a girl called Dusty…

By Markus C. Medeiros
Photography by Deanna Staffo
Markus has been my friend, colleague and confidant for almost eighteen years, introducing me to genre's of art, music and film I would've otherwise overlooked. Together we co-wrote "Tru Love", a track featured on my demo which gained airplay and spawned the interest of both Jive and Motown Records. I look forward to posting more of his work here soon.





take me away from all this death
i have no strength to thank every breath
take me away from all this pain
it beats down on my spirit like acid rain
take me away from wolves disguised as friends
who take and take
and take from me with no end
take me away from my thirsts
that never get quenched
sometimes i feel so dead i can smell
my own stench
take me away from the memories
that haunt me
from the nightmares that terrorize me
from the fears that paralyze me
butbefore you take me anywhere
take me away
from myself.

© Hassan Souto 2009



run nigga, RUN!

run from

being a bum

bummin' cigs, bummin money

bummin unsafe sex

from oversexed


hood rats

keep actin' a clown, get BEAT DOWN!

run nigga, run!

run from the "nigga"

you're so Proud to be

run from the opposite

direction of Free

run nigga, run?

run from the true


you have no other place

to run to...

dedicated to: he knows

© Hassan Souto 1995, 2009


American Screams
i am not

the man i imagined i would be

i'm aversion of me i never wanted to see

the seeds i planted.. the paradise i envisioned

never came to fruition

the mission:

the promises:

heaven turned into hell

my bright light is now a shell

i was sooo high...

i died slowly as i fell

short of my american dreams

now i awake from nightmares in screams

pseudo smiles stop me from bursting at the seams

i could cry a river

and deliver my pain like a drought begs for rain

im slowly

© Hassan Souto 2009

(this is a connection)

between you

between me

is a thin space

where we can be

totally free

totally you

totally me

i wanna connect

the dots

not missing ur favorite


connect dont reject

ur bodys my favorite

object to inspect

(this is a connection)

so let us connect


we can be perfect.

© Hassan Souto 2009



ur reflection in my erection

lost in contemplation of unprotected

animalistic penetration

untamed ejaculation: beyond expectation

upon the futon

we migrate into satiation

full arousal upon culmination

of sweet sweat gold slager saliva

pouring down from above: liquid love

panting and ranting (yes)

moaning then groaning (mmhhmmn)

drunk with lust (yes...)

scent of tantric sex replaces the aroma of incense

smoothly move

bumping and grinding

slipping into sliding

standing, riding

passion fruit lips

electric finger tips ...languid savoring sips

moist warmthness to no end!

we EXPLODE. exhausted.


to do it

© Hassan Souto 2009



My Godfather taught me

that men don't cry

it's feminine, weak, pathetic

I remember that day like yesterday

my grandparents, who were my parents, were fighting

my rapacity for them to not hurt eachother

expressed itself in tears

my uncle looked straight into my eyes

and with a dominant, masculine, disgusted voice

he condescendingly commanded:

Hassan! STOP crying!

and I haven't cried since.

© Hassan Souto 2009


GROWING UP I didn't have male role models to model myself after. Most ridiculed me for being unique, rather than embracing me or taking me under their wing. My father always played a role in my life but it was my grandfather, Nathaniel Souto, who took on the full responsibility. He was a "man's man" and the definition of a man from the 1960's; strong, stoic, resilient, protective, an earner and provider. He never had to beg, borrow or steal. He was a man of few words but when those few words were spoken you listened. My grandfather is the real reason I went to college and devoted my life to educating myself, making a name for myself, continuously challenging myself and never allowing anyone to run my life or make my decisions. I remember being young and comparing other fathers to him. They failed in comparison. One need only visit the formidible 3 Morgan Terrace to witness his beautiful house, healthy well-cared for children and his wife, the most beautiful woman to walk the face of the earth, my grandmother, Mary Souto. In my eyes he had everything.. everything worth having. I've spent my life trying to achieve something similiar to what he achieved. I thank him for inspiring me. And today, I still thank him.. For reminding me that I've still got a long way to go.
My GrandParents.. 2gether 4ever..
RIP "Daddy" 5/11/9

© Hassan Souto 2009


"U are my drug! And I refuse to go to rehab!"

Jesus Christ I need u
to know u, grow with u, to show u
all the immaculate bright
concealed light has in store for us
this mid-summer twilight
i want us to vent then get deliciously decadent
ur blessing is surely heavensent!
...so why repent?
u could be my cure, my guiltiest pleasure
for sure...

for surely its the calmest ocean
resting in ur hungry eyes
maybe its my unyielding yearning for ur
pink plump lips on my pulsating paradise
u make my sunrise, u make me ...rise
only Jehovah can smother my cries

Life is packed with panic & lies
2gether we can vaporize! G-D
damn! I hunger for ur kiss!
just the fantasy imbues me with blessed bliss
u could be my favorite dish

I'm too impatient to wait
for fate to let our souls mate
I've been here forever, where've u been?
join me in euphoria
Like vicoden

I don't believe in
I said, I do not believe in
this circle will never ever

the ecstasy begins beneath the velvet
then works its way within illuminating our skin
till the spaces between our face's thin
surely! u could be my heaven?
surely! u could replace my vicoden?

take me there... I wanna go
take me away... I need to know
take me there.. it's time...
to go.

© Hassan Souto 2009

I n c e s s a n t l y


of romance feeling & passion

my love for you thrives incessantly

it's a never ending fire of desire

as well as a bottomless sea of ethereal ecstasy

our bodies don't mate

our souls do!

I feel like you're my destiny

in your eyes.. my future

in your soul.. my home

7 seconds after we part

I miss/yearn/crave you so bad it hurts

my love for you t r a n s c e n d s

time space & all cognitive boundaries

You are my sunlight and my moonlight too

of everything I've ever fantasized

I've found even more in you

Sweet lullabies, spontaneous thoughts,

inegmatical affection

I'm beyond obsession and infatuation

In the absense of romance feeling and passion, even intimacy

my love for you thrives


© Hassan Souto 2001, 2009


Just got home from the beach.. Loving the weather! Feeling very inspired ;)

Cabo Verde

Pictures of The Cape Verde Islands from my friend's recent trip there.. Jealous I couldn't make it to the land my great grandmother left in 1908 for the United States... one day...

FYI: Cape Verde (Cabo Verde) is 10 volcanic islands 500 miles off the west coast of Africa. Inhabitated by approximately 500 thousand beautiful souls.. we obtained our independece from Portugal on July 5,1975 (thankyajesus!)

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth
And Jehovah formed man from the dirt of the ground, and blew into
his nostrils the berath of life; and man became a living soul
brown is my skin
and it won't wash away
no matter how hard you scrub
open your eyes! unlock your mind!
I witnessed the conception of time
dark brown skin
darker than the warmest night
on the coast of Brava in Cabo Verde
serenading a ballad of soul
loudest you've ever heard!
this brown skin is the "fire" in Fogo
the "wild" in Brava
the "salt" in Sal
and the "good view" in Boa Vista
brown skin
reflecting my nine lives
nine moods
ten islands
separtated by the north Atlantic ocean
by our different shades of brown
brown skin!
brown as dirty ground
beneath your foot steps
dark as the dust that rises with each step
brown as it was
in the beginning of time
when GOD reached down his divine hand
and composed: MAN
(c) Hassan Souto 1997, 2009


Breaking Dawn
I was so wrong
to treat you like we don't belong
I'm not so strong.. when we don't get along
Foolish pride kept me from crying
A cocky smile outside
while inside I'm slowly dying
I'd rather be "the man" than
give you the upper hand
but now I watch time blow away like sand
No one can know me like you know me
How can anyone see the side you showed me?
You don't know what you've got till its gone
and I realize it now all nite..
until the break of dawn

© Hassan Souto 2009

Personal affection is a luxury you can have only after
all your enemies are eliminated. Until then, everyone
you love is a hostage, sapping your courage
and corrupting your judgement.
Orson Scott Card

To paint the mundane grind
Into something vivid for my anguished mind
If I could mend the universe
and the essence of time
I would erase your dis ease
And set ur body, mind and soul
In perpetual peace
And you would challenge Neptune
Just like you used to…

But I cannot do these things
For I am only a human being
Being in a state of sadness
I can hear the angels weep
They cry so loud
At night
I cannot

Rest In Perpetual Peace Andy.. U were more than a stepfather...

© Hassan Souto 2008, 2009

Allow me to introduce myself.
I am the disease of addiction---
Alcoholism - drugs - eating - sex
I am cunning, baffling and powerful.
That's me!!!!
I have killed millions, and I am pleased.
I love to catch you
with the element of surprise.
I love pretending I am your friend and lover.
I have given you comforted, have I not?
Wasn't I there when you were lonely?
When you wanted to die, didn't you call me?
Wasn't I always there?
I love it when I make you so numb
you can neither hurt nor cry--
you can't feel anything at all.
This is true Glory.
I give you instant gratification.
I've always been there for you!
When things were going right in your life,
you invited me.
You said you didn't deserve these good things.
I was the only one who would agree with you.
Together we were able to destroy
all things good in your life
all I asked of you was long-term suffering.
People don't take me seriously.
They take strokes seriously,
heart attacks seriously,
even diabetes they take seriously.
Fools that they are, they don't know
that without my help these things
would not be made possible.
I am such a hated disease,
and yet I do not come uninvited.
You choose to have me!
So many have chosen me over
reality, peace and serenity.
You don't see me, but I am growing bigger than ever.
When you allow me to control you,
When you live
But I am here.... and until we meet again,
If we meet again - - - -


I was happy to find my poem "SoulKiss" featured on a popular poetry site.. I was irate to see that the webdesigner decided to promote himself as the author. I was more than happy to firmly inform him that I hold the copyright and gave him twenty four hours to make the change or delete it entirely... or face my rath. He decided to keep the poem and give credit to its true author.. Me. So, please enjoy SoulKiss:


...A passionate kiss that provokes a blush when one attempts to tame the rush of two lovers locked in the exotic bliss of a sweet sensual soul kiss...

The moment our lips met I learned

that there is more to Love than making love

Your kiss is as natural as a river returning home to the sea...

Sweet & intoxicating like wine

yet agonizing, because your heart is not mine

I'm cool, I'm sexy

but I will never know love

until you make it with me

I imagine making love to you

is like swimming in an aqua sea of erotic bliss

as our bodies mix like Tropicana as we soul kiss

I don't want your caress!

unless there's emotion behind it,

you don't have to say "I Love You"

to prove you do !

instead, place your soul against mine

with all your heart

Take your soul and kiss, why resist?

I can't describe this vibe, but its vital to me, like tears to pain

so blast "Rush Rush" and shall we slowdance naked?

In the purple rain?

The closer I get to you

the more I feel at home

no more do I stand in crowded rooms

feeling so alone

I've had many lovers, but no others made me feel

the way you make me feel,

that's how I know your kiss has soul and its for real...

As we indulge in this vicarious pleasure I vow to follow the Kama Sutra

so you'll never crave another lover & it all starts with this...

a soul

& a kiss...

© Hassan Souto 1998, 2009

Nothing takes the past away.. Like the future! This weekend was the beginning of a new chapter in my life and my creative juices are already bursting.. so stay tuned! I eased my mind of my tribulations by spending the day in Boston with people who reminded me who I am. Between stops at the infamous Cheers and Starbucks, I took this picture of a monument dedicated to the legendary Paul Revere who was glorified after his death for his role as a messenger in the battles of Lexington and Concord, his name and his "midnight ride" are well-known in the United States as a patriotic symbol. In his lifetime, Revere was a prosperous and prominent Boston craftsman, who helped organize an intelligence and alarm system to keep watch on the British military.

© Hassan Souto 2009



...look into my eyes and tell me what u see...

When u look into my eyes, who do u see?

If u can't see beyond the horizon

U'll never fathom the mysteries of the universe, or me

People too often ask: Are u Black? Latino?

Middle Eastern? What are u?

(as if being myself is not enough)

So I tell them:

I AM the personification

of God's greatest creation

Hand-crafted, in His image and likness..

just like U

Cuz if ur human and I'm human

How come we can't comprehend

the petty differences upon which we depend

to avoid a peson who could've been

another friend?

When's this shit gonna end...

Its no wonder we can't move forward

with all this baggage we're draggin'

I mean, we should never forget

where we've been

but when will we begin

to see beyond the hue of skin?

What is race?

What are we running to?

or from...

let's reserve the competition for track & field

let's clench our fists for human power

instead of segregated power

U can rationalize with ur heart..

not just ur mind

it's a privilege to see

but a gift to be


(C) 1995, 2009 Hassan Souto

I want to live my life
simply unconventionally
I don't want to talk about if's
and should'ves and could'ves
I want to see the picture
before its taken

(C) 1995, 2009 Hassan Souto

You love me

You love me so much

You love me

You love me more than yourself

You love me

You love me more than any thing

You love me

You love loving me

You love me

You love me more than I love me

You love me

You love me more

You love me

So much that I can't leave the door.
© Hassan Souto 2009


butterscotch liquid eyes

I gaze into you

instantly hypnotized

who am I to scrutinize?

intoxicated with explicit fantasies

of you suckin' me

unabashedly naked & freakishly free

you read my mind...

bringing your perfect plump lips closer to mine

your breath's scent is so sweet

I brush my nervous fingers across your cheek

your skin.. so cool

your skin.. so smooth

I can barely breath, I can barely move

you bypass my eager lips for my neck

aha, I close my eyes, you have found my weakness-

I open my eyes:

To immortality.

Suffer Ring

This sting..
this suffer ring
aching for it to melt away
and take me with it
life's not beauty full anymore, anyway
How could I lose my faith?
how do I bereave the death of my savior?
your adorable smile
your flirtatious ways
the lust-filled nights & days
How do I move on when there's no where to go?
you left me naked in the snow
now I know
I'll be alone
For ever
How come we can't be together?
While in side you
I vowed to offer you happiness
But I guess you weren't convinced
You finished it before it started
now what do I do with the memories we made?
the sentiments we shared?
the truths we bared?
only thing I had to look forward to
was you!
now what the fuck do I do?
I've never felt so… empty
and its killing me to see
you're back in that motherfucker's arms instead of mine!
I thought he was a disgrace?
I was here to take his place
and shower you with affectionate
kisses on your stunning face
Don't be surprised
If you never see me again
I can't be your friend!
I saw my future in your seductive eyes
When this world was hideous
You made everyday a pulsating paradise
I asked for nothing …except your hand
Now I'm br oken
like an expired token
I collect dust
snub lust
waiting for the day
when I may
make love again
waiting for a day
to convince myself hope is here to stay
Waiting for a day
That just may

© Hassan Souto 2009

u gOt mE
WatZ poPPiN,
iM droPPin deeZ feelins like dealins
Y do eYe feel Dis way? Y must eye rePress
Wat my SOUL is burNin' -n- yearNin' 2 say
I fantasiZe aboutchU every fuCKin daY, constantLay
FucK work, fuCK bills, FUck life, let'S fuck till Armageddon deVours Us
Eye've been wit bodaCious beauTies from aLL around the spHere
But thEir images disAppear wheneVer U r neAr
My heArt raceS like stallioNs my mInd shiNes liKe medAllions
And eYe cant RepRess the fAct that eYe am beYond impreSSed
ObSSeSED I feeL a mEss
cuz I Need u 2 blesS the beaTing heArt beneaTh mY cheSt
waNting mOre the mOment U mArch ouT my dooR
I preTend 2 be Kool but I'd disOwn my faMily
2 cr8 a KingDom U and eye ruLe
U maKe me loOSe my swAg but chu gOt it iN the bAg
I'll tAke whaT I caN get juSS 2 mAke ur eroGenous Zones weTT
I stilL taSte U on my banGin' BraZilian lipS
U got ME from my creOle eyeZ 2 my PoetiK finGer tipZ
U R so FLY eYe couLd gag on ur swAg
U R so doPe Fresh liKe soaP
U R suPerseXy I fEel miniScule whEn ur neXXXt 2 mE
© Hassan Souto 2008, 2009



May my soft voice rest in the nest of your ear drum, humming a hymn, lulling you into serene sleep where erotic dreams creep, I gently kiss your forehead, you slowly close your eyes, You just may have to sacrifice
to inherit paradise…

Ignite the wick/ gonna lick/ till we stick/ before I bless you/ with a thick/ diction/ longing to be unleashed/ released/ reading your palms/ with my palms/ all over your satin skin/ pulsating within/ why is it a sin to love/ G0D & SEX/ who do you think invented ecstasy/ when you’re next to me/ time stands still/ as our souls kiss/ metaphysical bliss/ never mind 3/ I need but one/ wish/ you might, wish you may, use your body to say/ I Love You/ like leaves love trees/ gonna hella/ fuck/ your mind/ while holding back the hands of time/ passion climbs/ ethereal chimes/ our bodies rhyme/ a bohemian brother of few words/ many actions/ equate fractions/ with sexual contractions/ beneath the velvet/ slippery when wet/ love to swim/ hittin skins/ working hips with a samba beat/ yea… I hate doin’ dishes/ but I love to eat/ with your feet/ pointed toward heaven/ just when/ you moaned my Arabic name/ a lethal thrust came/ liquid candy rain/ extinguishing desires burning flame/ 3 shots of mental jism/ sensual wisdom/ magical rod/ in the crevice of a moment/ 2 become 1/ we end with an Amen/ now we’re both closer/ to heaven/

© Hassan Souto 2004, 2009