...look into my eyes and tell me what u see...

When u look into my eyes, who do u see?

If u can't see beyond the horizon

U'll never fathom the mysteries of the universe, or me

People too often ask: Are u Black? Latino?

Middle Eastern? What are u?

(as if being myself is not enough)

So I tell them:

I AM the personification

of God's greatest creation

Hand-crafted, in His image and likness..

just like U

Cuz if ur human and I'm human

How come we can't comprehend

the petty differences upon which we depend

to avoid a peson who could've been

another friend?

When's this shit gonna end...

Its no wonder we can't move forward

with all this baggage we're draggin'

I mean, we should never forget

where we've been

but when will we begin

to see beyond the hue of skin?

What is race?

What are we running to?

or from...

let's reserve the competition for track & field

let's clench our fists for human power

instead of segregated power

U can rationalize with ur heart..

not just ur mind

it's a privilege to see

but a gift to be


(C) 1995, 2009 Hassan Souto

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