I was happy to find my poem "SoulKiss" featured on a popular poetry site.. I was irate to see that the webdesigner decided to promote himself as the author. I was more than happy to firmly inform him that I hold the copyright and gave him twenty four hours to make the change or delete it entirely... or face my rath. He decided to keep the poem and give credit to its true author.. Me. So, please enjoy SoulKiss:


...A passionate kiss that provokes a blush when one attempts to tame the rush of two lovers locked in the exotic bliss of a sweet sensual soul kiss...

The moment our lips met I learned

that there is more to Love than making love

Your kiss is as natural as a river returning home to the sea...

Sweet & intoxicating like wine

yet agonizing, because your heart is not mine

I'm cool, I'm sexy

but I will never know love

until you make it with me

I imagine making love to you

is like swimming in an aqua sea of erotic bliss

as our bodies mix like Tropicana as we soul kiss

I don't want your caress!

unless there's emotion behind it,

you don't have to say "I Love You"

to prove you do !

instead, place your soul against mine

with all your heart

Take your soul and kiss, why resist?

I can't describe this vibe, but its vital to me, like tears to pain

so blast "Rush Rush" and shall we slowdance naked?

In the purple rain?

The closer I get to you

the more I feel at home

no more do I stand in crowded rooms

feeling so alone

I've had many lovers, but no others made me feel

the way you make me feel,

that's how I know your kiss has soul and its for real...

As we indulge in this vicarious pleasure I vow to follow the Kama Sutra

so you'll never crave another lover & it all starts with this...

a soul

& a kiss...

© Hassan Souto 1998, 2009

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