May my soft voice rest in the nest of your ear drum, humming a hymn, lulling you into serene sleep where erotic dreams creep, I gently kiss your forehead, you slowly close your eyes, You just may have to sacrifice
to inherit paradise…

Ignite the wick/ gonna lick/ till we stick/ before I bless you/ with a thick/ diction/ longing to be unleashed/ released/ reading your palms/ with my palms/ all over your satin skin/ pulsating within/ why is it a sin to love/ G0D & SEX/ who do you think invented ecstasy/ when you’re next to me/ time stands still/ as our souls kiss/ metaphysical bliss/ never mind 3/ I need but one/ wish/ you might, wish you may, use your body to say/ I Love You/ like leaves love trees/ gonna hella/ fuck/ your mind/ while holding back the hands of time/ passion climbs/ ethereal chimes/ our bodies rhyme/ a bohemian brother of few words/ many actions/ equate fractions/ with sexual contractions/ beneath the velvet/ slippery when wet/ love to swim/ hittin skins/ working hips with a samba beat/ yea… I hate doin’ dishes/ but I love to eat/ with your feet/ pointed toward heaven/ just when/ you moaned my Arabic name/ a lethal thrust came/ liquid candy rain/ extinguishing desires burning flame/ 3 shots of mental jism/ sensual wisdom/ magical rod/ in the crevice of a moment/ 2 become 1/ we end with an Amen/ now we’re both closer/ to heaven/

© Hassan Souto 2004, 2009


  1. Great work, Enjoyed each and every single one.. much sucess, much love


  2. Nice reads, really enjoyed it. So where are you? cant seem to find you? FB no, My Space, no. Hit me up sometime! :-) again really cool page.