u gOt mE
WatZ poPPiN,
iM droPPin deeZ feelins like dealins
Y do eYe feel Dis way? Y must eye rePress
Wat my SOUL is burNin' -n- yearNin' 2 say
I fantasiZe aboutchU every fuCKin daY, constantLay
FucK work, fuCK bills, FUck life, let'S fuck till Armageddon deVours Us
Eye've been wit bodaCious beauTies from aLL around the spHere
But thEir images disAppear wheneVer U r neAr
My heArt raceS like stallioNs my mInd shiNes liKe medAllions
And eYe cant RepRess the fAct that eYe am beYond impreSSed
ObSSeSED I feeL a mEss
cuz I Need u 2 blesS the beaTing heArt beneaTh mY cheSt
waNting mOre the mOment U mArch ouT my dooR
I preTend 2 be Kool but I'd disOwn my faMily
2 cr8 a KingDom U and eye ruLe
U maKe me loOSe my swAg but chu gOt it iN the bAg
I'll tAke whaT I caN get juSS 2 mAke ur eroGenous Zones weTT
I stilL taSte U on my banGin' BraZilian lipS
U got ME from my creOle eyeZ 2 my PoetiK finGer tipZ
U R so FLY eYe couLd gag on ur swAg
U R so doPe Fresh liKe soaP
U R suPerseXy I fEel miniScule whEn ur neXXXt 2 mE
© Hassan Souto 2008, 2009

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