Suffer Ring

This sting..
this suffer ring
aching for it to melt away
and take me with it
life's not beauty full anymore, anyway
How could I lose my faith?
how do I bereave the death of my savior?
your adorable smile
your flirtatious ways
the lust-filled nights & days
How do I move on when there's no where to go?
you left me naked in the snow
now I know
I'll be alone
For ever
How come we can't be together?
While in side you
I vowed to offer you happiness
But I guess you weren't convinced
You finished it before it started
now what do I do with the memories we made?
the sentiments we shared?
the truths we bared?
only thing I had to look forward to
was you!
now what the fuck do I do?
I've never felt so… empty
and its killing me to see
you're back in that motherfucker's arms instead of mine!
I thought he was a disgrace?
I was here to take his place
and shower you with affectionate
kisses on your stunning face
Don't be surprised
If you never see me again
I can't be your friend!
I saw my future in your seductive eyes
When this world was hideous
You made everyday a pulsating paradise
I asked for nothing …except your hand
Now I'm br oken
like an expired token
I collect dust
snub lust
waiting for the day
when I may
make love again
waiting for a day
to convince myself hope is here to stay
Waiting for a day
That just may

© Hassan Souto 2009

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