I n c e s s a n t l y


of romance feeling & passion

my love for you thrives incessantly

it's a never ending fire of desire

as well as a bottomless sea of ethereal ecstasy

our bodies don't mate

our souls do!

I feel like you're my destiny

in your eyes.. my future

in your soul.. my home

7 seconds after we part

I miss/yearn/crave you so bad it hurts

my love for you t r a n s c e n d s

time space & all cognitive boundaries

You are my sunlight and my moonlight too

of everything I've ever fantasized

I've found even more in you

Sweet lullabies, spontaneous thoughts,

inegmatical affection

I'm beyond obsession and infatuation

In the absense of romance feeling and passion, even intimacy

my love for you thrives


© Hassan Souto 2001, 2009

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