"U are my drug! And I refuse to go to rehab!"

Jesus Christ I need u
to know u, grow with u, to show u
all the immaculate bright
concealed light has in store for us
this mid-summer twilight
i want us to vent then get deliciously decadent
ur blessing is surely heavensent!
...so why repent?
u could be my cure, my guiltiest pleasure
for sure...

for surely its the calmest ocean
resting in ur hungry eyes
maybe its my unyielding yearning for ur
pink plump lips on my pulsating paradise
u make my sunrise, u make me ...rise
only Jehovah can smother my cries

Life is packed with panic & lies
2gether we can vaporize! G-D
damn! I hunger for ur kiss!
just the fantasy imbues me with blessed bliss
u could be my favorite dish

I'm too impatient to wait
for fate to let our souls mate
I've been here forever, where've u been?
join me in euphoria
Like vicoden

I don't believe in
I said, I do not believe in
this circle will never ever

the ecstasy begins beneath the velvet
then works its way within illuminating our skin
till the spaces between our face's thin
surely! u could be my heaven?
surely! u could replace my vicoden?

take me there... I wanna go
take me away... I need to know
take me there.. it's time...
to go.

© Hassan Souto 2009

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