First, Love

There's nothing like your 1st love
something every poet should write of
There's nothing that'll ever compare
to the very 1st time I ran my fingers thru your hair
So, let me reminisce...

I remember the first time I laid eyes on you
I wanted to lay my soul on you
while we gazed up at the blue
sky could be fallin' down but long as you were around
nothing mattered but ur gentle hand intwined with mine
time? no, just moments sublime...

I remember the day I sat in the back seat
and stared at u in the rearview
the entire ride
I glanced away when u looked back, I shied
because inside my emotions were at high tide
up until then I'd only felt lust and smug
and love? well,
let's just say it intoxicated me like a designer drug

U were my 1st love, like santos
U were sent from heaven above
thank heaven I wasn't deprived of
and I know I couldn't stop trynna dick u down
but I was young and that's how I expressd being sprung
but if push came to shove, I woulda settled for a bear hug
but there was nothing like layin' u down on the shag rug
givin that hair a tug and overfilling ur mug
with this hot cafe au lait
okay okay, I'm being naughty
but damn how I adored each time I explored your body
mind AND soul
with every moment more love would grow
and together we'd glow

U see, I will never forget my 1st love
u were experienced, I was naive
but you made a brother believe!
and that feeling will never leave
like Adam's love for his Eve

Like a fantasy romantics dream of
u never forget ur first love
the pieces fit like a suede glove
and til this very day

U r still someone I think of.

© Hassan Souto 2010

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