ok its true, i'm obsessed with you

everything about you sticks to me like superglue

the way u move, the way u walk, the way ur lips move

when you talk i could stare and forget the world is there

and don't get me started on that long sexy hair

we've shared so many twilights cuz u keep me up all nite

but just one kiss and u make all my wrongs right

i tried to fight but it was luv at first sight

i need you here, right next to me, so i can feel normal

cuz when we aren't together, my mind is cloudy like bad weather

wondering when i will see you again, wondering when we can be together

and i don't need much just ur touch

satiates me, this isn't like me

to be this ... easy

to please

so please, tell me

that you feel even a fraction the way i do.

© Hassan Souto 2010

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